Students are counting on you.

Donations make up 25 to 30 percent of Mount Ellis Academy's operating budget annually. Give your support and help make our mission to help students become a reality.

The Mount Ellis Academy community prepares students intellectually, emotionally, and ethically to thrive in a college setting and beyond. We provide students with the life-long purpose of active participation in global citizenship. Thank you for making Mount Ellis Academy a place where students are inspired.

Unrestricted donations to the general fund allow Mount Ellis Academy to use your donation in the area of most need today.

Donate to the General Fund

Or, give through Adventist School Pay…

When you set up a transfer from you bank account, transaction fees are a bit less for us. Use Adventist School Pay and even more of your gift will help students at MEA. Adventist School Pay can be used for giving to all campaigns listed below or for directed payments to student's individual accounts.


Gideon’s 300 Campaign

Join the battle and be an ambassador for Mount Ellis Academy.

We believe there are at least 300 individuals who care deeply about Adventist education and Mount Ellis Academy that would be willing to participate in this ongoing ambassador program. By donating a minimum of $1,000 each, with an opportunity for renewal each year, we can reach our initial goal of $300,000 by June 30, 2020 and have an army of faithful people to help support and grow Mount Ellis Academy.

Would you be willing to join us? Can we count on you to join Mount Ellis Academy’s Gideon army? With Mount Ellis Academy’s administration, faculty, and governing board, we are ready to march forward in faith.


Student Scholarships

Every dollar donated to the Mount Ellis Academy Scholarship fund helps an average of 30 student's families cover tuition costs needed to attend every year. 

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Mission Trips

Mount Ellis Academy students go into the mission field annually. Your gift will support the mission trip and the work students do in the mission field.

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Maintenance Challenge Fund

Double your gift with our matching fund.

Mount Ellis Academy has been awarded a up to $50,000 matching grant for maintenance projects around campus for the 2019-2020 school year.  We have already raised over $20,000 for new fiber and security cameras this year.  Help us raise the other $30,000 for additional and much-needed campus improvements!

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The Montana sky is the limit.

Something you don't see?

Mount Ellis Academy is glad to offer you a wide range of giving choices, but we are not limited by what you see here. The Montana sky is the limit. If you wish to make any other donation, please contact us and we'll help you help students at Mount Ellis Academy.