Students are counting on you.

Your donations make up about 25% of Mount Ellis Academy operating budget, providing support for the core programs that inspire students to achieve more, strive more, learn more, and ultimately, act more for the good of all.

The Mount Ellis Academy community prepares students intellectually, emotionally, and ethically to thrive in a college setting and beyond. We provide students with the life-long purpose of active participation in global citizenship. Thank you for making Mount Ellis Academy a place where students are inspired.

You unrestricted donation to the general fund allows us to apply your donation to exactly what we need today.

Donate to the General Fund

Give to maintenance and double your money!

The Adventist Education Foundation recently voted to pledge up to $100,000 as a challenge grant for Mount Ellis Academy (MEA) maintenance projects and campus improvements in Bozeman, Mont. For every dollar the academy can raise for these improvements by May 1, 2019, the foundation will match the donations up to a $100,000 total limit. Contact Brian Schaffner, MEA development director at 406-587-5178, ext. 105, for more information.

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Student Scholarships

Student scholarships are given to students based on third-party verified need. Students can be funded up to $4500 a year for dorm students and $3000 a year for village students. We promise that every penny of your donation will go to a student who truly needs your help to be at MEA.

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Student Sponsorships

Sometimes when all financial help options are exhausted, a student may need some additional help to make MEA possible. If you wish to donate to specific MEA student, we will apply your donation directly to the named student's account. We'll ask you to specifiy the name of the student you wish to sponsor in the next step. Please note that student sponsorships are NOT tax deductible.

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Bear Canyon Ski Area.jpeg

Bear Canyon Ski Area Endowment Fund

The Bear Canyon Ski Area Endowment Fund provides a way to address the financial needs before they become problematic.  A fully-funded $300,000 endowment will pay the current annual lease; more will facilitate ski hill maintenance and facility upkeep. Just 300 people willing to pledge $1,000 over the next three years will fund the endowment, but every gift is important and appreciated. The math is easy and so is donating.

Learn more.

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Mission Trips

Mount Ellis Academy students go into the mission field annually. Your gift will support the mission trip and the work students do in the mission field.

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Immediate Needs

If you would like, you may choose to fulfill an immediate campus need. The items listed here would all make an immediate difference at MEA.




Business and Technology

ESL Program

Industrial Arts

Maintenance Shop


Performing Arts

Physical Education



The Montana sky is the limit.

Something you don't see?

Mount Ellis Academy is glad to offer you a wide range of giving choices, but we are not limited by what you see here. The Montana sky is the limit. If you wish to make any other donation, please contact us and we'll help you help students at Mount Ellis Academy.