Students are counting on you.

Your donations make up about 25% of Mount Ellis Academy operating budget, providing support for the core programs that inspire students to achieve more, strive more, learn more, and ultimately, act more for the good of all.

The Mount Ellis Academy community prepares students intellectually, emotionally, and ethically to thrive in a college setting and beyond. We provide students with the life-long purpose of active participation in global citizenship. Thank you for making Mount Ellis Academy a place where students are inspired.

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Student Scholarships

Impact a student's life through the gift of education. Please support Mount Ellis Academy students with a charitable contribution today. 

The Campaign for Bear Canyon

The Bear Canyon Ski Area Endowment Fund provides a way to address the financial needs before they become problematic.  A fully-funded $300,000 endowment will pay the current annual lease; more will facilitate ski hill maintenance and facility upkeep. Just 300 people willing to pledge $1,000 over the next three years will fund the endowment, but every gift is important and appreciated. The math is easy and so is donating.