Mount Ellis Academy is set in a unique location in the Rocky Mountains and in the old West.  We are located just an hour's drive to Yellowstone National Park and some of the top ski resorts in the country.  The students will also experience rigorous progressive academic and English programs.  Mount Ellis Academy provides one of the most unforgettable exchange programs in America.

Mount Ellis Academy is the right choice for you!

Mount Ellis Academy is the right choice for you if you answer “yes” to at least four of the following questions:

  • Do you enjoy being challenged academically?

  • Are you planning on attending university in the USA?

  • Are you planning to take the TOEFL test?

  • Do you make new friends easily?

  • Are you accepting of people with a different religion or culture?

  • Do you enjoy outdoor activities?

  • Do you enjoy snow?

  • Do you like to see beautiful mountains all around you?

Here’s what one international student has to say...

I am now studying piano at one of the most prestigious music schools in the world and without Mount Ellis Academy I would not have been here right now. The Mount Ellis Academy family helped me develop my talent in music, encouraged me, provided me with all the necessary resources, and taught me to serve and to inspire the world around me with my music. I am sincerely grateful for everything that Mount Ellis Academy has done for me.”

— Jiyao Li, China
    University of Michigan
    School of Music, Theatre, & Dance

International Student Tuition and Fees

full year

Tuition, Room, and Board: $22,024

Registration Fee: $720

Textbooks and Standard Class Fees: $150

Administration Fee: $2,000


Total: $24,894

Please Note: There are a few additional costs that may alter monthly payments including elective class fees, apparel for music groups and sports teams, music lessons, cafeteria and travel meals for village students.

Extracurricular Activities

All Activities listed are optional and costs are estimated.


Volleyball Dues (girls) — $160

Volleyball Tournament — $150

Volleyball Apparel — $40


Soccer Dues (boys) — $160

Soccer Tournament — $150

Soccer Apparel — $60


Basketball Dues (boys or girls) — $175

Basketball Tournament — $150

Basketball Apparel — $100


Lifetime Activity Classes

Rock climbing class — $140

Ski/Snowboard class — $200

Ski or snowboard rentals for class — $40 to $120

Other LTA Classes — $10 to $30


Elective Classes

Auto Shop/ Welding — $25 per semester

Wood Shop — $25 per semester

Home Economics — $25 per semester

Art — $25 per semester

Music Classes — $25 per semester

Music Group Dress (Girls) — Approximately $80

Music Group Tux (Boys) — Approximately $120

Private music lessons — $25 for half-hour