Ski the Summit 2018 was super fun!

Mount Ellis Academy was excited to host 70 guests on campus for our 2018 Ski the Summit. 7th-11th graders from as far away as New York joined us for fellowship, fun and skiing.

Elder Ramirez led us on our spiritual journey with stories from the Bible that helped us meet Jesus and make Him approachable in real world terms.

Students from MEA were also given the choice of doing many interesting and skill expanding mini-courses including:

  • Wood Turning - Thanks Mr. Ellis
  • Crochet - Thanks Mrs. Ellis
  • Art - Thanks Mr. Beavon and Arts on Fire
  • Cooking - Thanks Mrs. Schaffner
  • Rock Climbing - Thanks Mr. Stuart
  • Bowling - Thanks Mrs. Jenkins and Mr. Stuart
  • Calligraphy - Thanks Mrs. Ellis
  • Self Defense – Thanks Mrs. Elwin
  • Sewing – Thanks Mrs. Lee

And the skiing at Bridger Bowl and Big Sky was the icing (-15 degrees at Big Sky) on the cake.

Thanks to all who attended and participated.
We look forward to seeing you again next year.