Mount Ellis Climb 2018

The horn went off and the 2018-2019 student body and staff strained forward to rush up the first hill.  There were many comments like "I'm already tired", and they were only at the top of the first small hill.

The Mount Ellis Climb is an annual event that gets students out into nature and pits them against the elements and elevation.  The climb takes you from the trail head to the top of Mt. Ellis, a climb of almost 3,000'.

69% of the student body reached the summit this year along with 6 staff members.  Here are the top five finishers for the boys and girls.


Josh Saenz & Isaac Nazari                1:24

Luke Wiegand                                    1:37

Saul Hernandez                                  1:40

Cash Tachenko                                   1:41


Hope Nystrom                                   1:58

Kailee Susens                                    2:07

Hannah Fisher                                   2:09

Breanna Selders                                2:09

Sujeong Choi                                     2:26


Congratulations and a special thanks to all who participated in making this event possible.



Brian Schaffner