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The school year is off to a fast start at Mount Ellis Academy.  New and old students gathered on the north lawn next to the Administration Building for our traditional handshake followed by games and fun organized by the Associated Student Body leaders.  We are praising God that our enrollment is up from the end of last year.  We are also praying for several students and families that are still working on plans to send students here for the first semester.

Missouri River Canoe Trip

Monday after handshake freshman, sophomores, juniors and staff loaded up gear for a memorable canoe trip following the Lewis and Clark Expedition route.  Mount Ellis Academy claims the outdoors as their 7th Classroom.  We seek to redefine the classroom by taking kids out into nature.   Our Outdoor School program takes this to the extreme with three rotations that move our traditional classroom out into God's lesson book.  Next year we will be going to the Tetons followed by Glacier National Park.

Senior Survival

After three years of hiking, canoeing, skiing and rock climbing, the Seniors were ready for their final lessons and tests with Senior Survival.   This five-day survival trip teaches our students to work together, value one another, survive in the wilderness and become student leaders.   Some of the survival skills they learned included making a shelter, fire starting, basic first aid, and learning to gather and cook wild edibles.  One of the yummy meals they gathered can be seen in these photos. 


Mount Ellis continues its commitment to take students regardless of financial need.  This year we will need to raise over $187,000 in MEA Scholarship and Student Sponsorship Funds.  Please help us keep our promise by donating on-line through the link below and thank you for loving our kids.


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Brian Schaffner