Scholarships & Student Aid

Early Bird Scholarship — May 15 Deadline: Students can earn a $100 matching scholarship each year they attend Mount Ellis Academy. Just pay $100 toward tuition By May 15 and we'll turn it into a $200 when you register. If you decide not to attend, your payment is fully refundable

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Student Sponsorship: Many students benefit from aid contributed by their home church. Fill out the form and give it to your local pastor. He should fill in the amount of the church sponsorship and send it to the academy.

Church Sponsorship: The academy will match up to $1,000 for dorm students and $500 for day students of aid contributed by a church. Fill out the form and give it to your local pastor. He should fill in the amount of the church sponsorship and send it to the academy.

Farnsworth Scholarship: The Farnsworth scholarship is intended to provide assistance for Montana students to attend Mount Ellis Academy. The scholarship will be awarded and may be renewed based on academic performance, citizenship, and need.

ACE Scholarship: DUE MAY 15. Every child deserves a great education. ACE Scholarships help low-income parents provide that opportunity to their children. The ACE scholarship mission is to provide children of low-income families with scholarships to private schools in grades K-12, and to advocate for expanded school choice. Send the application to or fax to 406-587-5170.

Application for Student Aid (FACTS): This is an online application for additional student aid that requires detailed information about family income, etc. It should be the last component of the student financial plan after commitments have been made by the student to summer and school time work, by the parents to contribute an appropriate amount given their financial situation, and attempts have been made to find a sponsor.

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Tuition & Fees 2016-17


Registration Fee: $670

Tuition: $9,700

Room: $2,510

Board: $4,300

Textbooks — Approximately $300


Yearly Total — $17.480

Due at Registration — $2,621

Nine Additional Payments of — $ 1,651


Registration Fee — $670

Tuition — $9,700

Textbooks — Approximately $300


Yearly Total — $ 10,670

Due at Registration — $1,940

Nine Additional Payments of — $970

Please Note: There are a few additional costs that may alter monthly payments including elective class fees, apparel for music groups and sports teams, music lessons, cafeteria and travel meals for village students.

Extracurricular Activities 2016-2017

All Activities listed are optional and costs are estimated.

Varsity Sports:

Volleyball Dues (girls) — $160
Volleyball Tournament — $150
Volleyball Apparel — $100
Total Volleyball Cost — $410

Soccer Dues (boys) — $160
Soccer Tournament — $150
Soccer Apparel — $40
Total Soccer Cost — $350

Basketball Dues (boys or girls) — $175
Basketball Tournament — $150
Basketball Apparel — $100
Total Basketball Cost — $425


Lifetime Activity Classes

Rock climbing class — $100

Ski/Snowboard class — $170
Ski or snowboard rentals for class — $80
Helmet rentals for class — $40
Total Ski/Snowboarding — $290


Other Activities

Private music lessons — $20 for half-hour
Ski the Summit - lift tickets — $100
Ski the Summit - rentals — $40
Music group dress (girls) — $75
Music group tux (boys) — $120
YSO Soccer — $60

Financial Policies

A financial agreement outlining the payment schedule for the full year should be completed for each student before school begins. Contacting the Business Office during the summer to complete this process will help avoid long lines at registration.

  • The agreed-upon monthly payment is due by the 20th of each month.
  • Payment of current account balance OR scheduled monthly payment made by an automatic method on or before the 15th will earn a discount of 1% of the lower of the payment amount or the monthly charge.
  • Late payments, returned checks, or missed EFT or credit/debit card payments will incur a fee of $20.
  • If the missed payment is not received or acceptable arrangements made by the 10th of the following month, the student may be suspended until payments are current. Maximum suspension time allowed for financial reasons is three weeks. If payments are not brought current or acceptable arrangements made by that time, the student may be asked to withdraw.
  • Returning students’ previous financial agreements must be fulfilled before being re-admitted.
  • Unmet monthly payments per signed agreement or unmet student labor commitments may result in loss of Worthy Student Funds.