Yes, you can afford a Mount Ellis Academy education.

In the last 17 years, every family who has wished for a Mount Ellis Academy education has had their wish come true. Sure, private education can be expensive, but it is the very best investment you can make in your future and the future of your kids. We understand that. And, that's why we have a plan to assist every family. 


We offer scholarships, scholarships and more scholarships.

First, there are many available scholarships. There are six scholarships to apply for online and a host of other options for assistance in funding your Mount Ellis Academy education. Learn more about scholarships here.


Student labor can be a big help.

Most students earn more than $1,000 during the summer before they begin and most students earn about $2,600 with on-campus work during the school year. That $3,600 or more makes a big difference. Over four years, a student can earn $14,400 or more.


Yes, we offer a variety of discounts.

There are discounts for families with multiple students enrolled and a variety of pre-payment discounts that can reduce your costs significantly. Learn more about discounts here.


Let’s get creative. We can make this work!

If scholarships, student labor, and discounts aren't enough, we are also known to get creative to find a way to make Mount Ellis Academy work for every student. The man with the plan is Brian Schaffner. Call him at 406.587.5178 x103 or email Brian.



Let's talk about it (and, we’ll send you a free T-shirt).

Please fill out the short form below and we'll contact you with details about how to make a Mount Ellis Academy education a reality for your family. Plus, we'll send you a free Mount Ellis Academy T-shirt just for contacting us.